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We are a family owned and operated granite countertops company located in the heart of Nashville, TN.

Granite Masters countertops has over 15 years experience. Our expert sales team will answer any questions you may have regarding your granite countertops and guide you through granite colors selection process. The template process will be no different, you will receive the same topnotch customer service you received with our sales team. Template will ensure all measurements are precise, to make the installation process as smooth as possible. After template your granite countertops are off to fabrication. Our fabrication crew has the experience they need to tackle any job that they are presented with. After Fabrication our Installation crew will Deliver and Install your countertops. Our Installation team answer all your remaining questions you may have regarding your granite countertops. Our Installation team will clean and seal your granite countertops, leaving a long lasting finish in your new granite countertops. Our objective is leave a lasting impression by providing exceptional customer service and providing you with the best prices on granite and marble countertops in Nashville, TN.

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Granite Countertops Care and Maintenance

Now that your new granite countertops are installed and sealed ,maintenance is to a minimum. However while granite and marble countertops are pretty dependable there are a few precautions you should be made aware off. Countertops that are sealed have a protective barrier between the stone and whatever you may have spilled.As a extra precaution we recommend cleaning up any spill immediately.

When it comes to heat your granite countertops can sustain up to 350° degrees Fahrenheit. However we always recommend placing a mat underneath any hot pan of item. Granite countertops are also scratch resistant. We do also recommend placing a cutting board, just to be safe.

Do not clean your granite countertops with any household cleaner, all purpose, ammonia based, alkaline, or cleaners containing bleach. This will eat away the sealer, removing the protective coat from your countertop.

We only recommend mild detergent and warm water for daily cleaning of you granite countertops.


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